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Resource Post.

This is a general X-Men resource post, full of good websites to get pictures from. If you are looking for icon resources, check out my resource post which has links to textures, stock photos, etc.

X-Men Evolution:
- Beyond Evolution.
- Haruka's X-Men: Evolution Screensnap Page.
- Rebel With A Cause (Lance/Kitty).
- Lancey-Poo's Smut Hut (small Lance shrine).
- Rivalry (Lance/Scott).
- Todd/Toad webring.

X-Men The Movie:
- Secret Obsession.
- Rogue.
- Full movie caps.
- Wolverine.

X-2: X-Men United The Movie:
- Character Gallery.
- The X.
- Secret Obsession.
- Jean Grey/Cyclops, Misc Charas.
- Nightcrawler.
- Pyro.
- Colossus.

X-Men The Animated Series:
- Nightcrawler and misc.

General X-Men Comics:
/ scans_daily
- Huge Dump of Marvel-Related Links (in Russian).
- X-Girl Power (in Russian).
- Marvel Fanlisting.
- Marvel Directory.

Character/Couple-Specific Sites:
/ wolverinerogue
- Ultimate Roguey.
- Rogue Fan Art Gallery.
- Down-Home Charm.
- Wolverine And Rogue.
- Gambit And Rogue.

I know this is sort of sparse, so please, if you have anything to add, comment! I want to add onto this as much as possible.
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