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Application Post.


Read all of the the userinfo/rules before applying!

+ Make sure you understand the userinfo/rules.
+ Join the community before applying. You will either be approved or rejected based on your application.
+ Post 6-12 icons that you think are your best work. A minimum of 3 must be X-Men related (comics, cartoons, movies; totally up to you), but the other 3+ are your choice.
+ A majority of the mods must agree - meaning that if one mod says yes, but two others say no, then we go with no.
+ In the subject of your comment please put the name of your favorite X-Men character; this lets us know you really did read the rules.
+ This is an elite community and thus, not everyone that applies will be accepted. If you are rejected, please don't whine about it. You may apply again - but you must wait a minimum of a month before doing so (why a month? I feel that this gives you enough time to improve). Also, if you would like constructive criticism (regardless of whether or not we accept you), please ask. I'm more than willing to do that. :)
+ If you're accepted check here for your invite.


I am also looking for 3-4 mods to help me out with the applications. I think I want to keep it an odd number (so on voting we don't get ties) but we'll see. If you're accepted and would like to be a co-mod, just comment. I'm looking for ONE more co-mod, and then I think we're good for awhile.


Current mods (aka people who will be voting on your application):
+ bentfire
+ leloo
+ miss_fancy
+ yavi_no_hikari
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