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This is an elite graphics community for the ongoing series X-Men, be it the comics, movies, or animated TV shows. Feel free to join and post, but be sure to go over the rules before doing so.

If you wish to friend the community, you may, but you will not recieve posting access to the community unless you apply.

+ Only X-Men related posts will be allowed. If you are linking/posting icons that are multifandom, please only post X-Men teaser icons.
+ Post no more than three teaser icons outside of an LJ Cut.
+ No bashing. If you notice any, please report it to a mod immediately and it will be dealt with.
+ Credit and comment when you take an icon.
+ Absolutely no promoting is allowed unless approved by a mod, and even then it must be X-Men-related.

+ Join the community.
+ Fill out the application (shown below) to this post ONLY to be given membership.
+ Post 6-12 icons that you think are your best work. A minimum of 3 must be X-Men related (comics, cartoons, movies; totally up to you), but the other 3+ are your choice.
+ A majority of the mods must agree - meaning that if one mod says yes, but two others say no, then we go with no.
+ The mods will either deny or give you membership based on your application, the quality of your graphics, etc.
+ Do NOT bitch at the mods if they don't allow you in. This is an elite community, if we let everyone in, what would the point be?
+ When posting your application, include the name of your favorite X-Men character in the comment
+ If you want constructive criticism (whether or not you get in) just ask, we'll be more than happy to oblige.
+ If you are not accepted, you must wait a month before applying again (why a month? I feel that this gives you enough time to improve).

Looking for X-Men images and information? Check out my X-Men Resource Post.

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Want to be an affiliate? Comment on the application post and I'll add you.

+ bentfire/whoresque